What is FX+ ?

FX+ is a platform that is searching and hiring traders from around the world. We unite their trading strategies on and give a chance to copy the trades to clients’ brokerage account automatically.

Does FX+ work for me?

FX+ is exactly what you need if you want to diversify your investments by distributing them between various trading strategies.

What do I need to start working?

We suggest you to open a brokerage account and link it to the FX+ platform, while you’re choosing the most successful strategy providers or testing them on your demo account. As soon as you choose strategy providers, you can get started.

Should I open my account with provided brokers?

Yes, you should. FX+ is an introducing broker of these companies. You need to open a new live trading account at one of the represented brokers. In some cases you can move your current account to our IB group, in others you will need to open an additional account at a broker (a sub-account) and transfer money from your current account there. You also can connect accounts at different brokers.

What does the service cost?

A small mark-up (generally 1 pip) is added to broker’s standard conditions. In some cases a monthly fee can be applied. 

How does your company earn?

We get commission/spread of your trades from partnered brokers. In some cases, we may charge a small monthly fee.

Why do strategy providers share their trades?

Strategy providers’ services are paid at the expense of spreads and/or commissions that we get from brokers. The more profitable trades are concluded, the more a strategy provider earns.

What’s the amount of minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for account connection is 350 USD (or any other currency equivalent). However, the investment sum depends on trading strategies that you want to connect to. Every trading strategy offers its recommended minimum you are to pay attention to.

Can I carry out trades on my account in parallel ?

Yes, you can. You control all the trades that you open manually. All the trades that come in the FX+ automatic mode are supported.

I still have some questions. How to ask?

Please contact us using the contact form.